Your Lips Are Moving…; My Laptop’s moving

Today’s post is all about ‘4s’ because I was recently sent the new HP X360 to review and it’s a computer you can use four ways! pretty fancy!! I’ve never had anything but a ‘regular laptop’ so I am really excited to try this out.

Fourth first let’s talk about 4 places I’ve ran in February…
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Four places I Ran this month

1. In Huntington Beach, CA for the surf City Marathon.

2. palm Springs, CA for the palm Springs half Marathon.

3. On a treadmill in Minneapolis for my first annual cereal eating contest!

4. All around Orange county where I almost peed my pants and found some chanclas.

4 ways the HP x360 Can move it move it

So back to the HP X360 powers of four…

It can adjust 4 ways =





So I wanted to give it a RER whirl all four ways the HP x360 can bend…

1. original laptop style. This is how I’m coming at ya right now! Hi from my parent’s couch!!

2. Tablet. I haven’t used anything like a tablet to read articles or books before so I’m excited about this. Also, it’s going to be handy to take notes (but not take up the whole table) at blog conferences!

3. Tent. This is terrific to watching Youtube workouts! I tried a little yoga to test it out.

Boom. I mean, Ommmmm.

4. Stand. This is perfect for reading a recipe or directions!

(Note how excited I get when something helps me make food/eat repeat.)

Another thing that made me excited to work with HP is they must be fans of Meaghan Trainor too! The company is having fun the road with the Meaghan Trainor tour and sharing along the way.

You can follow along by watching episodes or following them on social media:

Facebook: @HP #BendTheRules

Twitter: @HP #ThatBassTour

Instagram: @HP #BendTheRulesSweepsNashville

YouTube: @HPComputers

Question: Do you have a laptop or tablet or both?

Are you all about that bass?

Disclaimer: This post is part of a project between RER, Collectively and HP. All opinions are my own.



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Paylaşmak önemsemektir!



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