My Day at the Water summit

Today I attended the Atlantic Water summit at the national press Club. The summit attended to the issue of water resources in the U.S. and around the world. The speakers included senator Dick Durbin, Hugh grant (President and CEO of Monsanto Company) and a number of scholars and experts on the subject. I was informed last minute that I would be attending the summit so I didn’t have time to do any research on the topic, but I am actually somewhat experienced about it considering that I heard years ago that millions of children die annually from lack of access to clean water. I read up on it at the time and it’s never left my mind or heart.

If you want to learn more, please visit one of these sites:
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Koşucular için beş alt vücut egzersizi! try this quick strength workout at home for your legs, hips and glutes. No equipment needed.

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The Water Project

Water for People

WaterAid America

In other news, I ate food today. Evet. It was nothing amazing…I got the veggie box from the summit. It came with a roasted veggie sandwich on a croissant, chips, apple and choc chip cookie. I ate the apple and part of the sandwich until I realized it wasn’t going to keep me full and I must eat my smashed from the bottom of my purse PB&PB (peanut and pumpkin butter) sammie. Güzel.

Then, I got incredibly into the summit and forgot about food until I was in Union station waiting for my train and got incredibly shaky! I was in the bookstore and observed I couldn’t pick up a book and look at it with a consistent hand. So, I gotten some fruit & a diet coke (for good measure). I didn’t feel hungry at all, but my blood sugar need to have been low or something!

I brought the rest of my veggie sammie home, tossed the soggy croissant and used the veggies in a falafel wrap. outstanding (once I added hot sauce and TJ’s peanut dressing)!

In progress…I am working on some new tabs and blog updates ? and I got this new recipe book – yes, I know that it’s looks like a “grandma” style cook-book, but I am a busy girl who likes to eat, so the slow cooker is my BFF. I will share recipes (because you know I’ll change them) as I cook away!!! dessert may be on the menu…we’ll see ?

Halloween = candy Time = potential diet Danger

Every year spark people sends puts out an post on the Halloween treats to avoid. This year they make some better for you recommendations – they include pumpkin themed treats and warm holiday beverages. Oooh – they are mentioning what we’ve known for a long time, treats like my easy pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin milkshake and gingerbread flavored tea are winners that save calories!



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